Where Did My Half Brother Come From


Where Did My Half-Brother Come From Book


This children’s book was inspired by Dr. Dionna Hancock Johnson’s own experience with her half-sibling. At the age of 15, she was introduced to her half-brother and did not fully know how to accept him. Later she realized how important family cooperation is concerning half-siblings and step-siblings. Many times, children find it difficult to accept their half and step-siblings because he or she may have come through a parent’s separation, divorce, or possibly infidelity. Where Did My Half-Brother Come From? Will help many families learn how to make their children understand what it means to love half-siblings equally.

Children are constantly learning, growing, and developing. Part of that process includes questions that parents may sometimes find hard to answer. This is more than a book; it is a resource for families who want to teach their children deeper family core values about love, respect, and acceptance. Families will be drawn closer to one another and will develop their relationships through this book.

Are you a part of a blended family

Are you a part of a blended family and not know it?

Did you know that having step-children or step-parents makes you a part of a blended family?

Are you a part of a blended family but do not know how to help your kids accept the transition?

It May Be Strange and Difficult for Children to Understand

Blended families are more common now than ever it and is strange and difficult for children to understand why they’re a part of a blended family and how they can cope with the transition into one.

Dr. Dionna was introduced to her half-brother and 15 years old and had a tough time coping with this reality, so she has dedicated her writing gift to helping children understand that being part of a blended family doesn’t make them weird or any less valuable than another child. Dr. Dionna also stresses the importance of family unity in her children’s book.

Peek inside WDMHBCFDr. Dionna Stresses the Importance of Family Unity

Where did my half-brother come from? Is not only a book that benefits children, but it helps parents learn how to teach their kids about blended families and the importance of loving each other regardless of the problems that may come.

As a psychologist who has numerous years of experience working with children and families, as well as publishing research on familial matters, Dr. Dionna understands the essence of how family can be affected with the turmoil that blended families often encounter.

From learning what to call your “new” mom or dad or learning how to treat your step sibling or child as if you had the same blood flowing through your veins can be somewhat challenging and makes people ask so many questions.

Peek inside WDMHBCF BookWhere did my half brother come from?

One of those questions for children is inevitably Where did my half brother come from?

In this children’s book, a young boy is introduced to his half brother and has many questions as to where he came from and seeks to find this out. Finally, he learns through the insight of his parents that because his half brother is a person just like him, he came from a special place and should be accepted and loved just like he is.

Many times, as parents, we want the BEST for our children, but we sometimes miss the essentials that we were given, like spending time explaining to our kids what life’s really about.

Where did my half brother come from? will not only help your child learn but also understand that importance of family and love.

Even if you’ve never been a blended family, you may someone who’s dealing with this very PROBLEM and it’s up to you to their family cope. After all, we are all brothers.

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