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(November 10, 2015) Mrs. Dawson (San Diego, CA) said:

Dr. Dionna, you have been a joy to work with when it comes to coaching and inspirational writing, your words just come out so comforting and I pray that there are more others who get to have this type of experience with you.

(September 02, 2015) Michael Caliber (Los Angeles, CA) said:

Dr. Dionna, thank you for everything you have done to help me see the changes I needed in my life. Your coaching techniques have been simple and desirable. There is not one thing I did not want to complete on my own with your program.

(July 15, 2015) Elisia Bordeax (Corona, CA) said:

Dr. Dionna, you have been so gracious in spreading your expertise and knowledge with our school and our academic program that it would only be right to send you a beautiful Happy Birthday Wish today. Thanks for everything you do to help our school continue to be the best at what we do!

(June 7, 2015) Genie (Los Angeles, CA) said:

Dr. Dionna I  just wanted to say are not only smart but a cute pregnant life coach. You are just a doll to be around xoxo

(May 13, 2015) Tierra (Los Angeles, CA) said:

Dr. Dionna, if I had not met you on this day, I would not have known the path God has placed before me. You were definitely sent my way to help me get my thinking back where it needed to be. Thank you for just taking the time to speak with me while you were out and about with your family. Shows how much you care to make a difference in the world.

(March 18, 2015) Devin (Santa Clarita, CA) said:

Dr. Dionna what a beautiful spirt. You are a joy to learn from and worth a million to know.

(November 8, 2014) Eric S. (Atlanta, GA) said:

Dr. Dionna I am so thankful that you were recommended to me, I did not think we could work this coaching relationship out but it has been one of the best learning experiences of my life and I do not know what I would do without you being at my side to life coach me.

(August 3, 2014) Destiny (Chicago) said:

Dr. Dionna what would life be like without people on this earth that shares what they know with the world! You have changed my life in a matter of minutes. God Bless others to be more like you.

(Febraruy 15, 2014) Tim K. (Los Angeles, CA) said:

You are one of the best Celebrity Life Coaches I have ever met. Everything you went through to get where you are shows in your coaching style. Never met anyone like you before!

(September 22, 2013) Lanoa (Palm Springs, CA) said:

Thanks for taking the time to travel here and share your books with us, we love them so much we went back and bought 6 more copies for our entire seniors reading club. Please let us know when you are back in town.

(May 15, 2013) Lina (Seattle, WA) said:

Energetic Life Coaching was a great team to work with, everyone was professional and a pleasure to work with, including your awesome and intelligent assistant Rebecca.

(June 12, 2012) Sara Brandon said:

Dionna, I’m very proud of you and the work that you are doing. You are such a hardworker and doing it all with ease. I pray that you continue on the journey that is destined for you! Love ya!

(June 10, 2012) Mindy (Minneapolis, MN) said:

I love Dionna, with her in my life things have maid so much sense. Success and learning to be my own life coach has been so informational. Thanks for being a life changer in my life Dionna 🙂

(May 20, 2012) In Memory of Beebee from DC said:

You Gotta Keep Doing You Nique, You Cannot Worry About the Negative Stuff 🙂

R.I.P. Bernadette Brown

(May 20, 2012) Candace (Miami, FL) said:

Dionna from the first time meeting you, I knew you had a spirit that you dont meet just anywhere on any given day. Just know that all that you have give to others, God will bring back to your life twofold and make you richer than you ever been in spirit, mind, and financially.

(May 20, 2012) Sierra (Miami, FL) said:

Dionna, wow, you are a blessing to many, I pray that you get everything you dish out back into your own life. Continue to be genuine and show that you care for others like you already are 🙂

(May 20, 2012) Michelle (Broward County, FL) said:

Dionna, you are an angel to those that believe, I really enjoyed meeting you today and learning about your books, you have a bright future ahead of you, stay sweet and positive forever.

(May 4, 2012) (Homestead, FL) Resident said:

You are awesome and what you do for the community seems to stand out from the rest, keep up the good work 🙂

(Apr 12, 2012) Kenard Robinson (Washington, DC) said:

Wow! It has been a long time girl!!! God has brought you a mighty long way. I have heard so many great things over the years about you. Just wanted to stop pass your website and congratulate you. God Bless!!!

P.S. This is Kenard from Eastern Senior High School(Washington,D.C.)

(Mar 8, 2012) Karen Day (Washington, DC) said:

Congratulations and wishing you many more blessings in your future.

Wow! This is fantastic! Keep up the good work.
I know what you mean, I have draft manuscripts sitting too. You have inspired me. What did your mom say?
I’m proud of you, God Bless!
Aunt Iris

(Feb 25, 2012) Jamar Hayles (Long Beach, CA) said:
Congratulations Sis!!! Im so Proud of you You have accomplished so much since the University of Oregon. Keep up all the good work…

(Feb 24, 2012) Mom (Washington, DC) said:
Congratulation I like how well you presented yourself and the information about the book and what your future plans are with it, well done of course I’m especially proud of you, love you.

(Feb 24, 2012) Jane (Utah) said:
We’ll We’ll We’ll Mrs. Hancock-Johnson,


Sincerely Jane from Utah

(Feb 24, 2012) Ms. Caneu (Homestead, FL) said:
So I know this Guest Book is about to be flooded with encouraging messages, so I wanted to get mines in first to say thank you for coming to speak with the children yesterday, I love hearing you speak, I hope that you can come back and bring more of your energy to our children’s center.

Ms. Caneu from Homestead, FL

(Feb 24, 2012) Nina (Trinidad) said:
You have no idea how our meetings have helped me to be a better woman. If it wasnt for you, my life would be the same and thanks to you, I have a lot more to look forward to, please keep doing what you do. I will never forget you 🙂

Nina from Trinidad

(Feb 22, 2012) Donnie (Canada) said:
Way to go girl, you are doing your thang!

Donnie from Canada

(Feb 22, 2012) Taryn said:
Hey lady, you are on an awesome journey! You deserve all that you conquer, good luck 🙂

T from Way Back 😉 (wink)