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Dr. Hancock-Johnson’s Personal Speaking Models
4D’s To Accomplishing Your Goals
Understanding It, Living Through It, Accepting It Model

Dr. Hancock-Johnson’s Most Common Speaking Topics
How to Become Your Own Life Coach
What Does It Take To Be Your Own Life Coach?
What Do You Think It Takes To Get Control Of Your Life?
What Does It Mean & How To GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY?
What Type of Baggage Do You Carry And Are You Ready To Unpack It?
Beat The Success Do Not Let It Beat You

F.E.A.R. = Finding Easy Alternative Reactions To Your Problems
Holding Yourself Hostage from Making It In Life
Have You Ever Felt So Unsuccessful That You Were Unpretty Too

Dr. Hancock-Johnson’s Speaking Topics From Her Book
What Does Life Mean To You?
What Does Life Coaching Yourself Mean?
Do You Trust Yourself?
Know What Your Purpose Is In Life
Dare To Dream But Don’t Strive For Another’s Dream
Think Like A Leader To Become One
Understand Failing Is Only The Beginning
Check Out Your Competition
Utilize Your Resources
Understand Others’ Purpose in Your Life
Determine Who Is On Your Team
You Can’t Make It With Negative Peers
Build Positive Energy Around Yourself
Build Credibility With Others Along The Way
Prepare for Change Before It Comes
Let Go Of What You Can’t Change
Plan Your Goals
Set Real Life Goals
Clear the Clutter and Visualize Your Goals
Act Today For A Better Tomorrow

Dr. Hancock-Johnson’s Addiction Recovery and Sober Living Topics
Beat the Addiction Do Not Let it Beat You
Why Did I Become Addicted?
It’s A New Year, New Me, Then A New You
Learning How To Put Your Sobriety Before Others
Learning How To Forgive & Let Others Forgive You
Get Real, Get Well, Get Life Again (Two Part Series)
Fall For Nothing or Stand For Something and Be Thankful
You Are What You Answer Too

Change Your Shoes & It Will Change Your Direction
Remove the Negative Labels
Do You Love Your Addiction or Are You Just Good At It?

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