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Coach with Dr. Dionna

Energetic Life Coaching (ELC), LLC provide mobilized services on a range of issues that span from making simple life decisions to complicated parenting decisions and beyond. In a comfortable and supportive manner, ELC offers a highly personalized approach tailored to each client’s individual needs to help attain positive energy and personal growth.

Deluxe VIP CoachingDeluxe VIP Package

Are you trying to go above and beyond the generic definition of success? Regardless of where you are now, you will obtain your defining moment, because you are a Very Important Person. The Deluxe VIP Package will inspire, motivate, and lead you to new heights by helping you understand your importance. Dr. Dionna will share insider tips on how to train yourself into success. You’ve heard it, seen it and done it all before. How about trying advice that works, from a professional? Learn More

Goal and Strategies PackageG & S – Goals and Strategies Package

Finally being in control of your future goals and aspirations is what you’ve been seeking. The G & S package offers you the chance to grow by using Dr. Dionna’s step by step strategies through TWO life coaching sessions, with a SPECIAL OFFER audio download to the first chapter of “Be Your Own Life Coach: How to Life Coach Yourself Into What You Want,” giving you a glimpse into more strategic success tips. Learn More

ELC Helps Clients in the Entertainment Industry Cope With

·         Becoming Your Own Life Coach
·         Juggling New Reality Life (i.e. Transitioning from old money to new money)
·         Self-Esteem, Depression, Anxiety & Grievance
·         Shaking Tabloid Rumors
·         Financial Stability
·         Balancing High Family Expectations
·         Gaining Empowerment (Putting Energy Into Your Old Goals)
·         Finding Motivation (Staying Positive While Looking for Gigs)
·         Maintaining Success (i.e. Time Management, Organizational Skills)
·         Upholding Home, Life, & Work Steadiness (i.e. Stress Management & Parenting)
·         Finding Personal Solace (Positive Energy & Peace in Your Personal Space)
·         Sustaining Personal and Family Relationships (i.e. Love, Communication & Sex Rekindling)
·         Avoiding Industry Peer Pressure for Adults (i.e. Pregnancy & Relationships)
·         Avoiding Industry Peer Pressure for Teens (i.e. Bullying)


Praise from Clients

“Nothing in this world can change how much better my life has been since my life coachinig sessions with Dionna, she has always helped me figure out strategies for any problems that was going on in my life and I will never forget how those experiences have changed my life for the good.” Tameka (Miami, FL)


“I cannot even begin to share how my life has changed with working with Dionna, her techniques and suggestions alone just blew me away, she had a very resourceful answer for everything that I asked, I recommend her as the best online life coach in 2012 and we just got started lol.” Nina (Baldwin Hills, CA)


“My session with Dionn Hancock was very helpful even though I feel like I am very strong will individual, she helped me to see where I needed to make changes in my life for tomorrow and my future.” Gerald D. (Washington, DC)


“Dionna was so organized I felt like I had no choice but to gain organization in my life, she really helped me clean up the mess in my life.” Kevin B. (Miami, FL)


“Ms. Hancock explained that I already had the resources I needed to move forward in making a decision to push towards my goals, which was to attend college and get a job. I am more comfortable in taking those steps now with her help.”  Tony H. (Seattle, WA)


“With the use of the Confidence Ruler Technique, Dionna helped me to see where I was lacking confidence in myself, I will be forever in debt to her for that.” Lacy T. (Scottsdale, AZ)