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Cohabitation Research

In 2005, Dionna completed and published her Master’s Thesis Title “Young College Adults’ Perceptions Towards Non-Marital Cohabitation”

Non-marital cohabitation is on the rise as are many other non-traditional aspects of family such as having children before marriage. With cohabitation on the rise, society seems to accept it more and more as a normal way of living. Read More

Course Preferences Research

In 2012, Dionna completed and published her Dissertation entitled “Counseling Students: Learning Styles and Course Preferences for Traditional, Online and Blended Learning in Graduate School.”
The desire to get an education and gain a preference for a specific course format such as: traditional, full online and blended learning has dramatically increased since the rise of technology. Read More

Blended Family Research

According to Merriam-Webster (2012), “a blended family that includes children of a previous marriage of one spouse or both is considered a blended family”.
At the age of 15, Dionna was first introduced to her half-brother and since being introduced to that title, she has defined a blended family as “individuals who come into a family or are already a part of a family where everyone is not biologically related”.

What Dionna has noticed is that the term of Half-Brother/Half-Sister/Half-Sibling changes based on the family dynamics, the terminology learned within the family, and the geographical location.

In doing her own research, she has learned that in southern regions of the United States, most family members do not recognize their half-sibling as “half” but more like a biological sibling. The term “half” is rarely used and is replaced with the normal terminology one would use for a biological sibling, that being “my sister or my brother”.
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