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Meet Dr. Dionna

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Dr. Dionna with Michael BaisdenBringing a Unique Perspective

As a doctor, with a Masters in Human Development and coaching certification in life strategies, she not only can help you uncover what’s really holding you back and provide you professional advice but teach you the proven strategies you need to move forward.

Dr. Dionna Hancock-Johnson, MS, LSC is a certified life coach currently providing in person services to clients in the Miami, Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Dionna also provides over-the-phone and video-chat services to clients residing in other parts of the United States.

Dionna GraduatingDionna as a Scholar

Dionna has always been a life-time learner and high achiever.

Dionna has earned a Bachelors of Arts from the University of Oregon in Psychology and Sociology in Eugene, Oregon; a Masters of Science from Iowa State University in Human Development and Family Studies with a specialization in Family Studies in Ames, Iowa. Dionna completed her Doctorate of Education (EdD) in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Counselor Education and Supervision at Argosy University Washington, DC Ground Campus. Unlike other doctorate students, Dionna has gained additional certification as a Life Strategies Coach (LSC) in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

Dr. Dionna's Son

Dionna as a Wife and Mother

Dionna is married to Cephus R. Johnson and together they have a five-year old son named Cephus D. Johnson, also known as Cj. They live as a family along with their Malti-poo, Skippy, in the Los Angeles area.

Dionna as a Family Icon

The happy dayDionna was born and raised in Washington, DC. She is a very family-oriented woman. She is the oldest of eight and is known by her family as “Nique”. From a very early age, Dionna began helping her mom raise her siblings, which included cooking, doing homework, chores, preparing baths and washing clothes. As she got older the responsibilities got more complicated but Dionna never complained, she just “did” whatever it took to make everyone happy. She believed that raising her siblings and helping her mom was a requirement, not a choice. Around eight years old, she learned how to balance her own active life in school and extra curricular activites with her home-life and she is proud to say she overcame it all! Dionna is proud to say that what she has been through has definitely impacted the woman she has become today!

Dionna is considered the “light at the end of the tunnel” to her family. She is also one of the most reliable and resourceful family members in her family, and is always called for advice, suggestions and questions about any and everything. To this day, she still maintains a very good relationship with all her family members.

Dionna as an Experienced Worker

Dionna TeachingAs a life-coach, Dionna has worked with high-profile and non-high profile status clients in the California, DC and Florida areas. Dionna has previous experience as an In-Home Family Based Counselor providing intense Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST) to juvenile delinquents that were accused of theft, missed court appearances, truancy, probation and curfew violations. Most of these teens were already from broken homes, split, divorced and blended families, and were threatened with being removed from their homes if the anti-social behavior was not corrected through counseling. Dionna has also worked as a Family Interaction Analysts observing families to understand human behavior in the context of family interaction. In addition, she has also worked as a Counselor with parents and their younger children who were in the zero to three age group and had various developmental delays, handicap and substantial disabilities, such as delayed speech and language, hearing, fine motor skills, personal and social skills, mobility issues, and global delays. Some of these diagnoses included Autism, Down Syndrone, Mental Retardation, Spina Bifida, and Muscular Atrophy. In addition, she worked with the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) in developing an Individual Program Plan (IPP) or Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) to assure that long term services were provided for children, once they aged out of the system at three years old.

Dr. Dionna at Book SigningLastly, Dionna has worked with the college student population since 2003 as College Instructor for Iowa State University and American Public University Systems.

Dionna as a Life Coach

Dionna is an interactive and very highly motivated life coach who possess lots of energy which is always helpful to those who are not as motivated and energized about making a new start in their life. Dionna uses various approaches to life coaching that can range from the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Model to the simple Life Decisions Model. She is open to many other approaches and will use them as a combination to modify something specific for a client’s individual needs. Dionna is dedicated to making her clients feel supported by helping the clients create a personalized action plan for their personal situations.

Dionna speaking at African American Research Library

Dionna as a Founder

Dionna Hancock, MS, LSC founded Energetic Life Coaching (ELC), LLC in 2010.

Dionna as a Publisher

Dionna has published her first children’s series, which is designed to help children embrace their half siblings that are raised outside of the home due to divorce or separation. She is currently working on publishing her second book, which is a self-help title “Be Your Own Life Coach: How to Life Coach Yourself Into What You Want.” She has recently added an 11-step manual teaching business owners how to profit their business’ with out using the internet, to her publishing credits. These are only available through her mailing list found on the home screen of this website.

Dionna as a Community Activists

Dionna is currently partnering with a non-profit organizations to help mentor youth who have been victims of abuse, molestation, and teen girls dealing with pregnancy and rebuilding their life after the birth of their baby. Dionna is planning to use her life coaching skills and techniques pro bono to coach young victums of abuse and molestation, as well as teen pregnancy.