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Deluxe VIP CoachingWith not one, two, but THREE life coaching sessions with the life strategies guru herself, and a physical copy of the hard-hitting self-help title “Be Your Own Life Coach: How to Life Coach Yourself Into What You Want,” Dr. Dionna will give you real-life tips and suggestions as to how to progressively train yourself. She not only understands the pressures that come with renown, but also how to cope with the tough issues and keep them under your control. Dr. Dionna will teach you how the influence and power you have to propel yourself into another level of accomplishment and that’s what life coaching yourself is all about!

As a bonus you will also receive a copy of her first children’s series on blended families
titled Where Did My Half-Brother Come From?”

“A very special shout out to @dionnalifecoach just got off the phone with her she is truly someone special and anointed by God. I freaking love this lady she is an amazing doctor and life coach so motivational and uplifting. Thank you so much for being you and all you do the world needs more people like you.” Raye C. (Ohio)

“I cannot even begin to share how my life has changed with working with Dionna, her techniques and suggestions alone just blew me away, she had a very resourceful answer for everything that I asked, I recommend her as the best online life coach in 2012 and we just got started lol.” Nina M. (Baldwin Hills, CA)

“With the use of the Confidence Ruler Technique, Dionna helped me to see where I was lacking confidence in myself, I will be forever in debt to her for that.” Lacy T. (Scottsdale, AZ)