Be Your Own Life Coach

How to Life Coach Yourself

This self-help book is for any and everyone who wants something out of life! Dr. Dionna Hanock-Johnson understands the ups and downs, highs and lows, and insides and outs of reaching for goals. Upon reading Be Your Own Life Coach, you will find that a successful life is not far from your reach. Coaching yourself is the first step to making the changes that will guide you to your new accomplishments. Whether it is buying your dream car, starting your own business, or even simply getting a more positive and fulfilling outlook on life, Be Your Own Life Coach is the book for you.

Be Your Own Life Coach is more than a book; it is a source of strategic information. Long before Dr. Dionna Hancock-Johnson became a certified life coach, she had goals of becoming a writer, educator, and business owner. While it was an uphill battle, and negativity from others came with the territory, she held on to her aspirations and built herself through decision making, problem solving, and constant learning. Now she wants others to gain that same opportunity to build themselves up and achieve what it is they truly want. Making your ideas fuse with your plan of action is what you will get out the book. Unlike many other self help titles, there are worksheets after each chapter that will enable readers to jot down their thoughts, reflect, and put into practice the strategies of each chapter. Also included are motivational quotes from renowned celebrities, artists, speakers, and from Dr. Dionna herself.

Are you struggling with being in the spotlight?

Are you a person in the entertainment industry that is having a hard time coping with success?

You’ve already accomplished so much but THIS is your chance to go above and beyond even your own expectations. They say opportunity only knocks once, and you’ve already answered that first call. NOW you will get the chance to open a new door, redefine yourself and no longer set limits on your success.

Being Ready is a Must

In your line of work, being ready is a MUST and you can never give any less than your best! Dr. Dionna’s tips will help you structure, plan, and change your day-to-day life obligations into day-to-day GOALS. She will enable you to visualize the meaning being what you want out of the great gifts you’ve been given.

Your checklist is full, your bank account is looking a bit shady, and family issues overwhelm you!!!




Life Coach Yourself AudioWhat you need is life coaching on how to be healthy and successful on the long-term basis. You know longer need the quick fixes that seem to get you back where you started.

There is a Clear Solution

As a celebrity, you may not know who to trust, how to rid yourself of the negativity around you, or even how to just RELAX because it’s tough! Yet, there is a clear solution, and this is in life coaching YOURSELF!

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Who Better to Trust Then Yourself?

It’s YOUR LIFE and you MUST lead it. Be Your Own Life Coach is the book for you! Not just for right now, but for the future. As a leader, your future is the MOST IMPORTAT asset of your career and even more so, who you are. Dionna will give you the inside scoop on how to “Be Your Own Life Coach.”

Be- Are you at a place in your life where you need help transitioning from your old life to your new life in the entertainment industry? Ask yourself what you want to be and where you want to you.

Your- It’s YOUR dream and YOUR success that is a stake. How about having it YOUR way!

Own- Are you someone that is having a hard time acknowledging there is a problem or behavior that needs to be changed? Own means to posses. Now it’s time for you to own up to the issues that you’re facing and take a stand!

Life- Would you like some reality therapy to help you see the real issues going on

in your life? Life is real, it’s no joke! Remember that you’re searching for something more out of life.

Coach- Do you need maintaining your changed behavior? That’s where coaching comes in! Now you can get the training, skills, and results you need as your own life coach.

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Be Your Own Life Coach

Dr. Dionna works with teens and young adults in the entertainment industry who struggle with maintaining the expectations it takes to be in the spotlight. She has countless strategies to help cope with success, empowerment, motivation, family expectation, peer pressure, self-esteem, and financial balance.

What makes me different is that I am a certified life strategies coach and licensed psychologist who offers clients the tools they need to be healthy and successful on a long-term basis. My clients get numerous strategies that teach them how to become their own life coach.

Dr. Dionna Hancock-Johnson

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